Buying a car can be very challenging. With so many styles, makes, and models to choose from, it can be hard to figure out where to start. The choice has grown even more difficult as SUVs have grown to rival compact cars in popularity, leaving consumers to wonder whether they’re sacrificing something by choosing to buy a smaller vehicle instead of the bigger and seemingly sturdier SUV.

But fear not. While the safety and performance of SUVs have grown over the years, compact cars are still the most popular and better option for affordability, performance, and all the features to make your driving experience safer and more pleasurable.

Below, we outline five specific reasons why buying a compact is the best choice for your wallet and peace of mind.

Compacts Cost Much Less than SUVs

SUVs ride higher above the road than compacts. Raising SUVs higher requires manufacturers to use more materials, which translates into higher purchase costs for consumers. Compacts, on the other hand, cost much less to build, resulting in thousands of dollars’ worth of savings at the dealership. Additionally, compacts are much easier and cheaper to maintain. Their efficient engines and simple but highly effective mechanics ensure fewer breakdowns and require less major regular maintenance. Insuring them also costs less than insuring SUVs.

You Will Pay Less at the Pump, Too

Your vehicle’s size and weight makes a big difference at the gas pump. Because they are smaller and weigh less than SUVs, compacts have smaller fuel tanks, which means you will pay less to fill them up. Moreover, compacts’ lighter weight dispenses with the need for raised suspension, so even though their fuel tanks are smaller, they produce better gas mileage than SUVs. Compacts’ smaller size also contributes to their better efficiency and fuel economy.

Better Safety and Overall Performance

SUVs are by no means unsafe, but features unique to compacts make them the safer and better performing option.

Compacts are low to the ground, meaning their center of gravity is lower, too. This feature gives them better handling and agility and significantly lowers the potential of them rolling over as they round curves and make turns. They also accelerate and brake quicker than SUVs, making it easier to engage an emergency maneuver, which can be the difference between getting into and escaping an accident.

Their wedge-like design and lighter weight also make compacts more aerodynamic than SUVs, creating better high-speed stability. Less wind resistance due to aerodynamics also helps improve fuel economy, giving you an additional way to save money in the long run.

As an added bonus, compacts are also better for the environment because they produce fewer emissions than large vehicles.

Compacts Have All the Tech You Want

It used to be that SUVs came loaded with numerous technological features that made them more attractive than compacts. That has all changed, however. Today, compact cars feature the same or even better tech, from GPS navigation and Bluetooth to backup cameras and accident prevention systems. In fact, more compacts than SUVs made it on PC Magazine’s 2017 list of the best high-tech cars.

Today’s Compacts are Every Bit as Stylish as SUVs

SUVs used to be considered more stylish and sporty, but today’s compacts offer sleek designs and reputations for excellence that SUVs cannot beat. To suit younger and fashionable drivers, many compacts are being designed with personality and style in mind in an effort to make these cars stand out from the rest. Moreover, compacts top the list of best-rated vehicles at a number of car companies. For example, BMW is known for its M3, Mitsubishi for its Lancer, and Subaru for the WRX.

Putting it All Together

In almost every way, compacts are superior to SUVs. Compacts’ stylish, low-weight designs are prone to higher safety, better performance, and maximum fuel economy, saving consumers thousands at the dealership and at the gas pump. In addition, their complement of tech and safety features improves the quality of one’s drive while decreasing the likelihood of a bad accident, all while emitting fewer emissions to damage the environment. Together, these qualities work to ensure that while SUVs will likely remain a popular style, they cannot rival all the benefits of a compact.